About Us

Yummy Mummys is a community for like-minded mothers-to-be, mothers, a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, a step-mom and a single mom to share  their experiences, the highs and lows, all the most special moments and the toughest times and discuss topics relevant to them. It showcases the amazing and talented range of bloggers we have in India. From parenting to business, lifestyle to history; you’re bound to find a blog you’ll love reading.

So a Yummy Mummy can be a Yummy girlfriend, mother, driver, yumilicious cook, a friend to teen…and the list is never ending. Yummy mummy is about woman behind motherhood.

This blog was started in 2016 to share my motherhood journey as well as resources and information on topics that are close to my heart like parenting, marriage, health and fitness as well as activities for kids

Mums are always on the look out for new experiences, new adventures and new learning opportunities for her children. We at Yummy Mummy, we hope to be there with you from the very beginning. Getting ready to go and getting ready do the dash together.

Being a mummy is a tough job, but no doubt so very rewarding. Day in and day out, any mother can chronicle the details of her children’s lives in her brain or note every milestone in a little journal or a creative scrapbook. But with the emergence of the smartphones and progress of the internet, now mum also became tech-savvy. So there are lot of Moms in the cyberworld.

Come enjoy Motherhood with us!

As my tag line goes Live the moments as this we are going to take with us!

Radhika (Founder)

A management graduate by qualification, An HR by profession and  a mother of a 4 year old daughter by choice. A Yummy Mummy is an Indian  parenting  fitness  and lifestyle blog where I chronicle the many roles that I play as a full time working mom. Being a mother has been one of the most gratifying and rewarding roles that I’ve come to embrace with open arms. But more than being just a mom, I also juggle between the many roles in my life like being a wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend and career woman

Pankaj (Co-Founder)

An Engineer by qualification, Sr. Software Developer by profession and Blogger by choice. Enjoy motherhood by sharing your experience with us.