Dove Dryness Care Conditioner, 180 ml


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Stay away from dry hair with Dove Dryness Care Conditioner. Enriched with pro-moisture complex formula, your hair will look bouncy and silky from roots up. All sorts of things, from daily grooming to being out in the sun, can leave your hair feeling a touch dry, but a conditioner for dry hair can help protect your hair from everyday wear and tear and make it feel soft and smooth. That’s why we’ve developed Dove Dryness Care Conditioner: to help give you the silky hair that you love, every day. Protect your hair from daily wear and tear with Dove Nutritive Solutions Dryness Care Moisturizing Conditioner. Formulated with Pro-Moisture Complex, its nourishing formula for silky hair leaves locks soft. Suitable for daily use, this moisturizing conditioner gently cleanses hair for manageable strands that aren’t weighed down. With every use of this Dove conditioner, you’ll be left with smooth, soft and more manageable hair. This Dove conditioner helps to immediately smooth strands while deeply nourishing hair for healthier looking locks. With every wash, it detangles and improves manageability for the appearance of soft and silky hair.*Strength against hair breakage, based on lab test with Dove Dryness care system vs. non-conditioning shampoo

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