Dove Environmental Defence Conditioner, 180 ml


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If you live in the city, your hair has a lot to deal with. From smoke to dust, exposure to daily pollution makes your hair rough and prone to breakage and hair fall. Combat the problem head on with Dove Environmental Defence Conditioner, specifically formulated to detoxify and protect pollution-damaged hair.
Infused with essence of lotus, this Dove conditioner purifies hair and works to shield it from the effects of everyday pollutants. And as with the best conditioner for damaged hair, you get long-term results alongside instant ones. The nourishing formula replenishes essential nutrients, penetrating deep into the hair to help progressively repair damage and leave locks smoother and better protected.
So if you’ve been asking yourself how to repair damaged hair caused by pollution, try Dove Environmental Defence Conditioner – it delivers the detoxifying nourishment and protection city hair needs. Dove Environmental Defence Conditioner is formulated to purify, nourish and protect hair from damage. It additionally detoxifies strands, gently cleansing away hair pollution build-up
it also replenishes nutrients, shielding city hair from everyday breakages and dryness. This range is Infused with essence of lotus, which has soothing, purifying properties. it Reduces frizz even in damaged hair, for a smooth, sleek look. it is a 2-way care that gives both instant and long-term results

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