Dove Healthy Ritual for Strengthening Hair Conditioner, 180 ml


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“Tired of frizz that leaves your hair looking unmanageable and dry? Does tangled hair lead to hair breakage and hair fall? Look no further. Everyday damage can stress hair strands, leaving them weak and prone to breakage and causes hairfall. Presenting a purposely crafted conditioner, new Dove Healthy Ritual for Strengthening Hair! This conditioner is inspired by the rituals of Nordic women and infused with the goodness of oat milk and honey; natural ingredients that are known for their nourishing and repairing properties.
Dove borrowed this healthy ritual and created the new Healthy Ritual for Strengthening Hair. Combined with the superior care of Dove, the formula instantly smoothens out the hair surface, preventing frizz and keeps hair looking smooth and shiny. It works to reduce frizz, making hair appear smooth and controls fly away hair. Due to the strands being smooth, they detangle easily, minimising breakage and letting your hair look healthy and smooth. As long as hair is properly cared for, it can look its best. So, flaunt your smooth hair without the worries of frizz, by giving your hair the love it deserves! Buy the new Dove Healthy Ritual for Strengthening Hair shampoo and conditioner now!
* Strength due to reduced hair breakage, based on lab test with Dove system vs non-conditioning shampoo”

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