Fair & Lovely Sun Protect SPF30 Face Cream, 80 g


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Every summer, we worry about the sun robbing us of our fairness. Not Anymore! Now get unbeatable fairness for up to 5 hours in the sun with Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi vitamins SPF 15. Its revolutionary multi-vitamin formula gives your treatment-like fairness & SPF 15 protects it for up to 5 hours in the sun.Fair and Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin cream works like a face polish treatment, which often used to treat sun tanning. The SPF 15 Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin product targets suntan both by preventing the skin from tanning and reducing the excess pigmentation. For the best results, apply it two to three times a day, especially before going out in the sun. This product is dermatologist tested. Just dot the cream over the face & next and gently massage in. It is enriched with multivitamins including Vitamin B3, C, E and B6 to keep your skin looking its best. You no longer need to hide and cover up your face to protect my fairness. You can go out in the sun without worrying about your skin tanning or looking dark with the help of this enriching sunscreen, you need to get this handy, 30g pack, right away!

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