Pond’s Anti-Pollution Face Cream 35 g


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“Most people believe that pollution damage is limited to dirt accumulation on the face. This can be taken care of with the use of facewash.
Pollution particles are 20 times smaller than the pores of the skin causing the particles to get deep into the layers of the skin and cause damages like dark spots, uneven tone and darkening of skin.
The Pond’s Institute brings to you its breakthrough solution to fight all the problems caused by pollution– Pond’s Anti-pollution helps protect your skin far from Pollution damage far more than regular fairness or moisturising creams.
Its formulation also helps repair damage previously cause by pollution micro particles to restore your impeccable skin glow. This light-weighted, beautifully scented, 2 in 1 – pollution protection and glow restore formula is the perfect partner to walk out of your home with confidence without fearing the problems caused by pollution. Best used after cleansing skin, perfect to apply before make-up. Must use on all skin that will be exposed to pollution– 15 – 20 minutes before exposure. Can re-apply as and when required
This product is brought to you by The Pond’s Institute – Since 1846, Pond’s scientists have been creating products that strengthen skin from deep inside to make it look soft and smooth from the outside. At The Pond’s Institute, the journey of skincare innovation continues to create clinically proven products that make you look beautiful today and day after day.”

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