Pond’s Honey & Milk Protein Face Cream 100 ml


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“The Pond’s Institute has added the goodness of Honey and Milk protein to your favourite cold cream.
Winters get your skin rough and dry and feeling stretched out. To avoid damage to your skin during the winters – however mild or harsh – you skin need moisturization. For years – Pond’s Cold cream has been the favourite of many and makes its way to their homes during the winter season.
Pond’s Cold Cream has vital beauty oils and ten skin nutrients, this moisturising cream prevents dry skin by leaving it soft and supple. The glycerine works on giving you softness from inside and a glowing skin outside while you never have to worry about dry lines and patches again. You will love the touch of your soft and smooth skin. Added to the regular formulation Scientists at the Pond’s institute have added 2 skin friendly ingredients – the goodness of honey and milk protein, that will boost the smoothness of your skin for an effective 24 hour moisturization.
Pond’s moisturising cold cream will give you the nourished glow you want through the dry winter.
This product is brought to you by The Pond’s Institute – Since 1846, Pond’s scientists have been creating products that strengthen skin from deep inside to make it look soft and smooth from the outside. At The Pond’s Institute, the journey of skincare innovation continues to create clinically proven products that make you look beautiful today and day after day.”

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