Pond’s White Beauty Spot-Less Fairness Face Wash, 150 g


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Do you feel your original fairness has been lost? Over time dead skin cells accumulate on your skin, hiding your true fairness, making you look dull and dark. New & improved Pond’s White Beauty facewash, 1st ever facewash with double brightening action to renew your maximum fairness everyday. Now get the clinically proven fairness with Pond’s White Beauty facewash that reveals your true fairness hidden under layers of dead skin cells and pollution. It goes deep to clean dead skin cells and uncovers millions of new white skin cells- so that you can get the hidden fairness back. Infused with vitamin B3+, it removes layers of fairness blocking dead skin cells and it strenghthens skin’s natural renewal process, revealing new bright cells. Renew your maximum fairness with everyday wash. Clinically proven to give you fairness from the first wash. Its double fairness action wipes out dead skin cells so that you say goodbye to skin dullness. This helps bring out the fairness locked inside which shows clearly after every use of ponds white beauty facewash. So, POND’S WHITE BEAUTY facewash is truly your solution to a spotless and fair skin.

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