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Babies wet nappies many times in a day and need immediate change. Delay in changing nappies could lead to prolonged skin contact with urine or stools, affecting the skin health of babies. Improper hygiene could also lead to rashes in the diaper area. Additionally, you need to clean, wash, disinfect, and dry the cloth-based nappies before reuse, which could be time consuming and tedious. HIMALAYA SHISHU ANAND BABY DIAPERS While every parent always wants and seeks the best for their baby, not all can afford expensive diapers or baby pants. Hence, to meet the needs of parents looking for baby care essentials that fit their budget, Himalaya has introduced the Shishu Anand BabyCare range. Shishu Anand Baby Diapers are an AFFORDABLE alternative to nappies, specifically designed to comfort and protect baby’s delicate skin. The Anti-Rash Shield helps reduce the activity of three key enzymes implicated in diaper rash and is also known to inhibit the growth of microbes in the diaper environment, thus protecting the baby’s delicate skin. The diaper has a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) that can withstand multiple wettings and gives maximum protection from dampness. Himalaya Shishu Anand Baby Diapers are disposable diapers making the whole diaper changing experience speedy and hassle-free for moms. Himalaya Shishu Anand Baby Diapers Affordable Diapers |Anti-Rash Shield | Hassle-Free Experience

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