Vaseline Sun Protection SPF 50 Body Lotion, 200 ml


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“Everyday exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays can leave your skin dry, damaged and uneven-toned.

Vaseline sun screen body lotion SPF50 is an innovative sunblock which is totally non-oily and provides a freshness to your skin.
Enriched with the goodness of Vaseline petroleum jelly, it protects your skin against varied forms of sun-induced damage like skin tan, sun burn leaving your skin with a smooth and fresh feel. It contains powerful anti-oxidants like Provitamin C and E & Vitamin B3 that help are known to neutralise skin damage and enhance your natural radiance respectively.

It’s non-greasy, fast absorption formulation blends easily with the skin tone.

Daily use lotion that protects skin from everyday sun in the city but also deeply moisturizes to help restore its glow.
Use every day to restore and protect your glow from the harsh sun

BEST FOR: SUN PROTECTED FAIRNESS, SUN PROTECTION, UNEVEN TONE, DULL SKIN, DRY AND DAMAGED SKIN *Healing By Moisturization Of Normal Dry Skin. Action In The Epidermal Region And Within Cosmetic Domain.”

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