VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene, 200 ml


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“The best defence against any vaginal discomfort is prevention. Protect your most delicate area with daily use of a special product – VWash PLUS. With a pH of 3.5, V Wash restores pH in the intimate area and helps to prevent irritation, itching and dryness in the intimate area.

The vagina has a natural protective layer which is acidic in nature, to help prevent infection. This layer is maintained when good bacteria called lactobacilli produce Lactic acid , which maintains the acidic environment at a pH value of 3.5 to 4.5. This promotes the growth of lactobacilli, inhibiting the presence of harmful bacteria and preventing infection. A healthy vaginal flora requires a pH of 3.5 – 4.5. Most soaps are alkaline in nature which have a pH value of 8 & above. The daily use of soap to cleanse the vaginal area may upsets ideal pH balance of the vagina. This may leads to vaginal discomforts like dryness, irritation & itching and could eventually lead to vaginal infections.

VWash PLUS has lactic acid which restores vaginal pH balance and is enriched with sea buckthorn oil which contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & amino acids. Daily washing with VWash PLUS leaves a fresh sensation & maintains healthy vaginal flora. It also helps prevent unpleasant odour & irritation in the intimate area.It is safe for daily use. It is Paraben & SLS/SLES free. VWash Plus is usable during periods as well.

Now don’t just wash, VWash PLUS.

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