Dove Rich Nourishment Cream 150 ml


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When you have very dry skin, moisturiser is essential – but often you need more intensive nourishment than your average body cream or daily moisturiser gives you. Ultra-rich and intensely nourishing, Dove Rich Nourishment Body Cream has been created for all skin types to combat dry skin. The formula deeply* nourishes both on and beneath your skin’s surface for instant results, and long-term skin quality improvement too.

Enriched with NutriDUO, our unique dual-action moisturising complex, this dry skin body cream combines skin natural nutrients and essential oil goodness to nourish the deeper* layers of the skin, whilst preventing moisture loss from the surface for 24 hours. And with regular use the quality of your skin progressively improves, so it’s radiant on the outside and deeply* nourished beneath the surface. Well, that’s not something just your average moisturiser can do.

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