Fair & Lovely Anti Marks Treatment Face Cream 25 g


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“New Anti Marks Cream by Fair & Lovely is a dermatologically tested formula that is 100% effective* as a hyper-pigmentation solution. It has been clinically proven to reduce dark spots, blemishes and pimple marks. Formulated with a triple combo of Niacinamide, Ammonium Lactate and Vitamin E acetate, it penetrates deep within the epidermis and targets marks. Niacinamide helps lighten spots on skin and arrests melanin transfer to skin cells in middle skin layers , Ammonium Lactate is known to increase cell turnover and replenish new cells while also preventing melanin production at bottom layers of skin. Vitamin E acetate provides anti-oxidant action which helps prevent skin damage from external aggressors . It also contains triple sunscreens which protect from sun damage and aloe vera which soothes the skin. It is both effective and safe on the skin.
*Clinical study shows that marks were visibly reduced on 100% Indian users
The formula is clinically tested for the below:
Dark Spot Reduction: Dark spots were significantly reduced at 4, 6, 8 weeks Average of ~0.5 shade reduction in colour/ intensity of dark spots & blemishes
Acne Scar (PIH) Reduction: Acne scars/blemishes were significantly lightened at 4, 6, 8 weeks At least one blemish on each and every panelist shows lightening within 4 weeks (100% panelist response)
Tan Protection: TPI >60 (Day 8 and 10 readings) Antimarks by Fair & Lovely provides 60 times more protection from tanning compared to unprotected skin
Suitable for all skin types

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