Vaseline Hand Cream 50 g


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“Every day, your skin is exposed to damaging environmental factors like extreme temperatures, low humidity, harsh cleansers, and hot water. Vaseline believes everyone, everywhere deserves healthy skin. Hence our Vaseline healthy hand + stronger nails hand cream absorbs deeply^ into skin and moisturizes hands from within leaving them soft & smooth in every use. Vaseline healthy hand + stronger nails with best Petroleum Jelly & Keratin infused formula prevents nails from chipping or breaking. With such nourishing ingredients, Vaseline healthy hands + stronger nails is the perfect hand cream for maintaining smooth, soft, healthy looking & feeling hands and nails. Vaseline healthy hand + stronger nails results in 10x stronger nails in just 2 weeks** Also giving you a non greasy feel always. It is ideal for when you want to get on with your day. Vaseline healthy hand + stronger nails advanced formulated light non sticky hand cream gives you light feel & instantly absorbs in your skin making it healthy and soft, so you can get started within minutes of application.
Vaseline is now World’s No. 1 brand in hand & body. Vaseline continues to sell its best range of body lotions, lip care & moisturising creams for you”

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