Meri Tvacha Se Meri Umar Ka Paata Hi Nahi Lagta!

April 5, 2016

Remember that mesmerizing and nostalgic Santoor ad of 1990… one of the ad of my fondest memories of childhood ..Well times are changed and I’m a mother of 4 year old..and now I could well relate to it…

I was holidaying in kerala last year with my family..A bunch of college students were also staying in same hotel. Travelling, eating and discovering Kerala together we all became friends. To their surprise they never believe that I was a mother of 3 year old. Couple of them even wondered whether she is my niece..

Even now when I carry her for meetings, holidays to parties or even visit people without her ..Nobody could guess my age..

I’m one among millions of those gorgeous ones(Too much..kidding)… We are a new GEN MOMs.. We are YUMMY MUMMY’s.

Hard to Guess our Age..????

Leaving behind the traditional Thinking We are a liberated like-minded females… who not only are comfortable in our skin but also in our colour .

We not only love to flaunt our minis and micros but equally are comfortable in our Sarees as well. What to talk about our salwars, capris.. we love to carry 90s fashion with ease too..

We wear our opinions..We wear our attitudes… We wear our contagious smile.. Aur sharmana aj bhi hamara Ghana hai..

We are gorgeous moms who know parenting and equally humble to learn it everyday but only the e-way (whatsapp, blogs etc.)

We are free fun filled liberated souls and we are still grounded because we know that values are important. We are one who learn from mistakes..because we know they make us who we are and beyonce!

So what if we are MOMS..We are young ,dynamic, confident, independent, workaholoic..super-moms..

This is not because of the good quality-branded makeup I use(kidding again). But this is simply because I keep the child in me Alive everyday.. irrespective of the tortures, Taunts, discrimination and challenges.. I wear a NO-Mask attitude everyday.. which is raw, or may be childish, at times deep.. but this is what I am.. I speak my age.. however upfront, bold it may sound But I love to be me.. And I enjoy myself..

………………………So GUESS MY AGE…And I know deep down there you love my carefree non-chalant attitude..And you love to see me the same way as I see myself in the mirror..You observe me from behind the door.. you love to hear me terribly sing when I’m bathing or cooking and you still love to watch me secretely dancing on that weird nos without caring about the world.. and you smile because you know that I’m happy, I’m free and I’m ME..


  1. ffpekzecly - December 8, 2020

    Meri tvacha se meri umar ka paata hi nahi lagta! – Yummy Mummys

    • ym-admin - January 6, 2021

      Thanks for showing Love and appreciation.



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