Mom, I need your LAP not an APP…

February 27, 2016

It’s 6.30 am, pushing my lazy bum out of the bed..thankfully it’s Friday.. a long weekend is round the corner..

Oh.. I am in kitchen preparing Dabbas for everybody..A machine grin here and a washing machine alarm there..oh my cutie microwave also called me..a bell rang and the milkman arrives..Every morning I have to hear so many whistles..hahaha!

Daughter and Mom
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Daddy and his girl are to be pushed out of bed to start their morning regime.. Breakfast done..oats,sandwiches, milk and juice.. His tie, her socks,his bag,her tiffin and my purse..all set to go. Finally.. 8.30 am sharp we  all  are heading towards our directions.

I was walking with her in my lap to the school-cum-daycare.. I noticed her grabbing me more tight as I headed nearer to school.. I pacified her.. It’s being a moment which I never like.. She is otherwise a happy child enjoys to be at school rather than at home.. but something was different today.. I noticed her eyes while handing her over to Mausi(didi)

Whole day I was looking through the camera and watching her..(thankfully the school has provided me an online access into the class) and my employers empathized with me being a new-worried-back to work (I recently joined back after an extended maternity leave of a year).

As I was looking at her from my desktop she was looking at the camera from her class as she could sense that  I am watching her. I was frozen.. I couldn’t work.. I have a picture of her on my Desk.. and most of the time her smile encourages me to work.. But that day is different.. thankfully it was not a busy day.. I went home an hour earlier.

As I opened the door of the daycare she came running towards me all excited..I couldn’t find that soreness  in her eyes..Thanks to teachers and her friends..she clutched me like anything. As I was trying to put her in an auto..I gave her my phone to play on her baby apps..she said “no app mama only your lap lap..

Those words made me cry like anything..I hugged her and cried..

I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about what my child is missing..I promised myself to give her more attention..we spent the weekend in full swing.. we danced together.. we painted together and we watched movies and cartoon with her, played football in park and also had rides on her favourite slides..and we ate outside at her favourite food junction..with our signature style..

One ice-cream with three spoons..this is our favourite it’s her favourite regime’s so favourite that she will not budge from the shop having three spoons..

I love you so much Vaani!! Mumma and Papa loves you a lot!

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