February 27, 2016

Wow! The song “Purani Jeans aur Guitar” was playing on the radio..I love it..A lovely morning indeed as I am enjoying an off from office..vaani is in school and he is in office..

I picked up a glass of juice in one hand and vacuum in another I am dancing from one room to another..I am on a house cleaning spree..huh!

As I was murmuring the song I opened my closet which is always in a condition that you can’t find anything..horrible radhika.. my mission today is to arrange it.

Look what I found..my levis 28 inches…lovely..still look so awesome (frankly I lost a lot of my post pregnancy weight). I was so nostalgic remembering my honeymoon days..days..woahh!

And my little black dress…little darling

It’s been so long and all these jeans are stacked together for what? I went to the mirror

to see myself..

Where I am lost.. I still looked so awesome.. could fit in my jeans so well.. so w

Girl and Guitar
Photo Credits: Internet

hat if I am a MOM now. I can still enjoy myself. It’s been days I have actually gazed in the mirror for long. I loosened my hair from that tight bun..

While I was watching myself I found something else too.. GUITAR.. it was all there a while but today it got my attention.

Still can’t remember the last time when  I sat in my balcony and played on the strings..”Tinka Tinka Jara Jara, Hai roshni se jaise bhra…..

While I was looking at myself in the mirror, a tear rolled down my eye.  I felt as if it was centuries after which I was talking to myself..

All that juggling from home to office, to daycare and back to home.. I felt lost myself somewhere.. it’s been two years but I felt it’s more than that.. No more..

I quickly completed my cleaning..took shower..went to salon (my monthly relaxing way).. came back.. cooked chinese cuisine for the dinner, shopped online and then sat with my guitar dressed in my purani LEVIS..

Vaani, my daughter could realize that it was something special today. She was watching me dressing up, doing makeup..”Pretty Pretty Mama” she exclaimed. The room was filled with Dim lights and candles. She felt as if it’s HER birthday..(for a two year old all this relates to a birthday)

Vaani and I were twirling, dancing, laughing and playing.

The bell rang it’s 7:30 pm. Vaani was ready to open the door..he came in.. and was astonished to find the old me. Vaani kept on saying it’s her birthday today.. we all danced.. danced till our feet hurt.

While having dinner he said “don’t lose yourself. I loved you earlier and I love you now. I am happy to see that you still love yourself”.

Rightly it was a birthday..A birthday of a NEW me..OR.. another birthday year of an OLD me….

Altogether , a new avatar was born, Yummy Mummy.

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